Interviewing: How to Develop Strong Interview Questions

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Course features
  • Category: Human Resources
  • Course Length: 14 minutes
  • Series: Interviewing
  • Video Length: 3.25 minutes
  • Author: The URL dr
  • Resources: How to Create Effective Interview Questions Checklist
  • Category: Human Resources
Course overview
In this micro course, you'll discover how a good interview—like a good conversation—depends on asking insightful questions. Learn how to write strong interview questions that lead to successful hires.
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course learning objectives
  • Identify what makes a good interview question
  • Compare asking closed vs open questions in interviews
  • Apply 4 types of interview questions
  • Craft tailored interview questions with 4 step process
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Certification included
Downloadable certificate upon completion.

Interview questions that lead to successful hires

"How to Develop Strong Interview Questions" focuses on how you craft strong interview questions and what types of questions you might ask. It also discusses how you can tailor your questions to the position to gather the information you need to make a successful hire.

Questions steer the direction of the interview. They can lead you to a dead end, or they can reveal new layers of a candidate’s experiences, passions, goals, attitudes, skills, and character. Asking the right questions can also shed light on discrepancies between reality and how a candidate portrays themselves on paper. You don’t want to find out later that the person you hired isn’t actually the team player you thought they were. Strong hires start with strong interview questions that you'll write as you go through this course. 
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Interview Skills

Human Resources Compliance

Process Improvement

Kim Merritt

Kim Merritt, The URL dr, has been teaching and training the business community for over thirty years. Her company's line of business soft skill micro courses are a quick and effective way to master a new competency in fifteen minutes or less. 
Patrick Jones - Course author